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Installing The Head Plate

With your strings off, remove the hex nuts and washers from your tuning pegs
Place the plate on your tuning pegs
Place your hex nuts on the pegs again,
without the washers
Tighten the hex nuts by hand as much as possible, then give a final 1/8th of a turn with a wrench

Installing The Bridge Pin Bolts

With the strings off, remove the old bridge pins
Install the two outside bolts as described above
Install the next three bolts one at a time, going from the left of the guitar body to the right
Remove the far right pin (making room for the final quarter turn of the 5th bolt)
Install the 5th and 6th bolts

Installing The Bridge-Mounted Plate

Plate with Brass Bridge Pin Bolts

With your strings off, remove your old bridge pins
With the guitar on its side, place the two bridge pin bolts in the outside bridge pin slots
Fit the bridge-mounted plate over the two bolts
One at a time, hand-screw the hex nuts onto the bridge pin bolts
Turn the bridge pin bolts so they face to the right of the guitar body, and finish hand tightening the hex nuts
Hold each hex nut in place with a wrench while you hand-turn the bridge pin bolt the final 90 degrees

Plate with 3D Bridge Pin Bolts

Installing The Bridge Doctor

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