Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Droplet Sound System fit my guitar?

Almost certainly! Because guitar bridges are largely one standard size, our bridge plate and bridge pins will fit nearly any guitar. And we make a variety of headstock plates to fit the most common guitar styles. You can check out our Gallery to see what it might look like. And if you don’t see your guitar listed, contact us!

Will it make my guitar sound better?

Let’s be honest with each other – better is subjective. Your guitar will definitely sound different, and we cover the specific changes you can expect on our Tech Specs pages. But every combination of guitar, pick, string, environment, and musician is different. Rather than thinking of whether it will make your guitar sound better, think about having more options. Because it’s as easy to install or remove as changing your strings, The Droplet Sound System means you now have variations on your guitar. Maybe you’ll want the droplet on for studio recordings, but off for live performances. Or maybe you’ll want to use the Bridge-Mounted Plate on one guitar, and the Head Plate on another.

The choice is yours.

Why can’t I hear a difference in your video and audio samples?

While we maintain there is certainly a difference – and spectral analysis of the sound backs us up – it’s hard to get the extent of it across in recordings. Some of that is because we had to do relatively little mastering on our recordings, for fear of giving one guitar or another an unfair advantage. And your method of listening will affect the sound as well. We recommend listening through a quality pair of headphones or studio monitors, if you or a friend have some.

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