…for every drummer, for every drum.
Rediscover your instrument in different dimension musically🎶 by unveiling its hidden potential with Tonewings™
Tonewings help attenuate low-mid frequencies, resulting in a tight, more focused drum sound.

*Universal to all drum types and materials

Make your average drums sound great. Make your great drums sound Awesome!
There are so many options for drum brands that you can get lost in a sea of names, but one thing is sure;
You know what you love and you know what you like to hear.

Would you like your sound to be fatter, but crisper at the same time?

Would you like your drums to have better resonance?

How about more manageable tuning with a bigger range?

You can achieve all this with a simple, but unique addition to your drums – Tonewings™.
Tonewings™, a new innovation for the world of drums from the engineers that brought The Droplet Sound System to acoustic guitars.
Extensively tested by professional musicians from East to West Coasts; All were amazed at what Tonewings™ brought to their sound.

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June 2023

We are now a Nashville based company


Tonewings™ are engineered, patented, and manufactured in the USA.
By Liquid Sound technologies
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