Steve Ferrone

I had a drum that I just couldn’t get to sound right, I think we all have one or two of those. It recorded well, but playing live it was a pig, horrible overtones even with tape or gel. After adding the tone adjusters the sound became more focused, and the overtones much more pleasant on top of the drum. The snare in question is one of my go to drums for recording now.


“The Minister of Groove”

This product enhances the complexities of my snare drum in such a way that makes what I play in the moment more pronounced & focused giving me more options in the bag. 

Zoro– drummer, speaker, teacher



Mark Shulman

Wow! What a difference in resonance. It’s like magic. I don’t quite even understand the physics, but I do know that your drums will resonate more and I think that’s every drummer’s dream!

Mark Schulman-  Drummer, Keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author



Dennis Holt

What a trip!  {The Tone Wings™} give a bigger sound, fatter yet crisper.

The low-mid range is focused and consistent. The low end is more present; the drum feels rounder and warmer. 

They cleared up the low end and focused the sound in that range, giving the impression that it’s deeper and fuller! Having all that extra low end makes the drums feel great too and that has a positive effect on how I play.  

The wings eliminated some of the dead spots and unpleasant overtones in the drum shells, and changed the purity of the sustain, making the whole drum sing more consistently and efficiently. 

They provide a bigger range of tuning and the ability to use thinner heads (which most drummers prefer for lower tuning) and makes tuning in that low range much easier while keeping the drum very resonant.

Tone Wings™ dampen unwanted frequencies, creating a more focused tone. The resonance is redirected not cancelled. 

A great marriage of a well-designed piece of brass and any drum shell.”

Dennis Holt-Studio drummer and producer



“The best new invention for drums since Remo’s plastic drum head, Gretsch’s Dye-Cast rim, Gaugers’s RIMS® tom mounts and my Drum Rack. “

Paul “Jamo” Jamieson – drum tech, business owner, inventor

Mark Beckett

“What a great product to check out! Though I was skeptical, I tried them on a few snare drums that have been a consistent problem for me for decades. For personal reasons I couldn’t part with them. Tonewings made them great again. Give these a chance! You’ll be a believer.”

Mark Beckett – Grand Ole Opry/ Nashville Sessions

David Northrup

Hi, my name is David Northrop. I live here in Nashville, TN and I’ve had the really good fortune to tour some fine country artists, Travis Tritt, Winona. I played a little bit with Boz Scaggs and I also toured with Rick Deringer, currently on tour with Joe Nichols.

 About a year ago I was turned on to the Tonewings product that I think is absolutely fantastic. I recently became aware of them, quite honestly, surprised what they can do to an average sounding drum. I’ve had a few snare drums that I really, really liked but didn’t love and after employing these into the drum, those drums became amazing and I have to be honest, at first I was really skeptical. I played Gretsch drums and Gretsch drums by themselves sound amazing but there were a few snare drums that I had that these really made them shine. Another thing that I have understood from some drummers that have had lower line or midline kits that really want to have that pro line sound but they might not be able to afford it. These are amazing. They can take a midline or even a low line beginner kit sound like a high end professional sounding kit. These are fantastic and I definitely endorse them and I and I believe in them.

David Northrup– Nashville session/ touring drummer



Jay Lane

Coming soon

Jay Lane – 

Carl Albrecht

I’m excited about this new technology for drums called Tonewings. Liquid Sound Technologies has come up with a way to increase tone in drum shells, and help restore resonance to dull or choked sounding drums.

I had a 12” tom in my set up that never really sounded like the other toms. After adding four of the Tone Wings inside the shell, via the lug mounting screws, the drum now “speaks” like the other toms. It also seems to have more consistent resonance through various tunings. Fantastic! I’ve also added the Tone Wings to several snares and a 14” tom, they were already sounding great. All of the drums increased in resonance and just had an overall bigger sound. I’m looking forward to experimenting with the rest of my drum collection to see what the Tone Wings will do.

Take your drums to the next level. Get some Tone Wings!

Carl Albrecht – Nashville drummer, percussionist, teacher, and clinician – Integrity Music Projects; Paul Baloche; Don Moen; Paul Wilbur; Ron Kenoly; Maranatha Praise Band; Quad Venti Jazz; Commercial Music Projects; and more.



Ory Brochet

From my time in the 90’s at {DW} through building my own line in the 2000’s, I have seen a lot of gimmicks. 

When my friend Carl Albrecht called me about Tone Wings™, I was intrigued. Carl has seen it all just as I have. That made me come to the meeting!

I brought two of my personal Orybon snares that are in my top five playing snares in my rack. These were already great and did everything I wanted them to.

I was shocked to discover just as Jamo Jameson, Steve Ferrone, Dennis Holt and many others have, that the snares got better. 

There is something going on with the way the {Tone Wings™} decay the resonance of the shell that brings a focus and definition to the drum.

I have them in toms, kicks and snare drums. All are better for it. “

Ory Brochet- Drummer, Performer, creator

Founder – Orybon, Gallatin Tennesse

Dana Bentley

Tonewings are fantastic! They take your snare drum or any drum to a new sonic level.

Dana Bentley – owner Bentley’s Drum Shop, Fresno CA


AJ Chandler

 “I have no idea what’s happening, but it is good! … I think the {Tonewings™} are a great way to get that wide open sound, but with a touch more control.”

He began also experimenting with the Tone Wings™ in creative ways and observed these effects. 

“The recommended starting point is four regular wings or 5 mini wings, but I found some drum’s sounds could be controlled with different combinations … in some cases as few as two were enough. On snare drums that might not need much improvement or change, using five mini wings or as few as three mini wings is enough. They are also good for snares with an inner ring.  

Too many wings might kill the drum’s rebound and response, but using this as an effect can give some really cool, dry funky results!

In a more practical approach, using a few inside a snare or tom can kill unwanted overtones and focus the fundamental pitch of the drum… It gives you a better starting point before needing to add gels and tape.”

Drum tech AJ Chandler, Drum Paradise Nashville TN, 


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